OVERVIEW XRF Accessories


XRF accessory products are designed and intended to facilitate the XRF sample preparation procedure and in the process improve productivity and reduce valuable effort and time of the analyst.



XRF Sample Cup Work Stations.


Sturdy anodized aluminum trays designed to hold and retain XRF Sample Cups during the filling stages. They are designed with conically shaped numbered through-holes that will accommodate XRF Sample Cups ranging in diameters from 24 to 45mm. Eliminates contamination issues by preventing XRF thin-film sample planes becoming in contact with counter top surfaces; functions to serve as carrying trays to the XRF instruments.




Hand Held XRF Sample Cup Sleeves and Snap-On Rings Fasteners.



Hand held devices that fit into the palm of the hand and used to affix XRF thin-film sample support windows to XRF Sample Cups. The evenly distributed force is responsible for producing taut flat sample planes with the greatest of ease and simplicity of use. A counter top used Snap-On Ring Fastener is also available for similarly affixing thin-film to XRF Sample Cups with Snap-On Rings configured to “bead-to-indent” geometry.




XRF Thin-Film Sample Support Window Chemical Resistance Test Paper.



Circles of a specialty paper intended to leave a tell-tale mark of the contents of an assembled XRF Sample Cup in readiness for XRF spectrochemical analysis. The appearance of a tell-tale mark indicates a potential leakage through the thin-film window substance or a problem related to the assembly process or sample cup design. In any case, to avoid contamination issues refrain from inserting a leaking sample cup in the x-ray instrument.




XRF SpectroFilm® Self-Sticking Safety Secondary Window Film.



A unique approach in taking an extra precautionary measure to prevent potential damage to the delicate x-ray tube window, x-ray detector and related electronics from leaky sample cups is to simply stick a SpectroFilm® thin-film substance to the sample holder stage beneath the sample holder. An XRF SpectroFilm® Safety Secondary Window is a thin-film substance adhered to a substrate that contains an adhesive backing with a release strip. Simply peel off the release strip to expose the adhesive and stick it over the opening in the sample holder stage. Any accidental sample drippings will be caught and collected by the XRF SpectroFilm® Safety Secondary Window.




XRF Microporous Polypropylene Film



A gas permeable polypropylene membrane used in conjunction with Series 1500 XRF Sample Cups to establish and maintain an equilibrium of pressure between the inside of the sample cup and sample chamber. The elimination of pressure differentials maintains a flat taut thin-film sample plane and potential variations in the distance to the excitation source of x-rays.




XRF Sample Storage Pods and Systems



The most unique method to protect sample pellets and other delicate items against breakage is storage in sample storage pods. The stored item is held in between two thin-films and automatically centered within two clam shell halves when locked together by closing. Supplied in sets for initiating a quick reference system and easy access for future referral.




XRF Sample Transfer Pipettes



Consumable polyethylene transfer pipettes represent the most convenient method to fill XRF Sample Cups and ensure uniform volumes of sample presentations. Pipettes are calibrated for use with specific XRF Sample Cups and cross-referenced to their respective catalog numbers. Ideal for transferring petrochemicals and priced for disposability.




XRF Sample Cup Vent Hole Punch


Vent-Hole Punch


A very handy device for puncturing ThermoPlastic® seals integrated in XRF Sample Cups for venting and equalizing pressure differentials within the sample cups and sample chamber. Simply center over XRF Sample Cup and push down on the palm size flat knob to create the vent hole. The sharp point retracts automatically in readiness for another preparation.




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